Staking DocumentationHow to delegate your funds

This is a step by step tutorial for delegating your CRO to Stakespace.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us on Telegram.

We will focus on Windows.

Updated: March 31, 2021

1. Download the binary

You can get the executable from here:

Select the chain-desktop-wallet-setup-0.1.5.exe

2. Install

Install the Wallet by double-clicking the downloaded file. You can safely ignore the warning about the missing signature Windows gives you. Just click on "More Info" and then execute.

3. Set an app password

Click on Get started. You will be asked to create an app password. Make sure it is a secure one!

The next steps will be different if you have a Ledger. First we will cover a software wallet. skip the next steps if you have a Ledger!

4. Create a wallet

4a. Software wallet

Enter a name for your new wallet. You can choose anything you like.

As Network, select MAINNET.

Click on Create Wallet.

5a. Backup words

Extremely important!
Make sure you note down your words offline. If you lose access to your recovery words and your wallet gets deleted there is no way of restoring your funds. They will be permanently lost.

Taking a screenshot or storing the words online is a security risk. Anyone gaining access to your words has access to your coins! We don't want that.

Confirm with your app password you chose in step 3.

4b. Ledger hardware wallet

Skip this step if you do not own a Ledger wallet.

Enter a name for your new wallet. You can choose anything you like.

Select Ledger as wallet type.

As Network, choose MAINNET.

Click on Create Wallet.

You do not need to change the Address Index. Every number will generate a different wallet. So if you want a second account on your Ledger, you can repeat those steps and choose 1 to generate a secondary address.

6. Fill your wallet

Send some CRO to your newly generated address.

The easiest way is to use your app or the Exchange.

Select your CRO under the account tab, then hit Transfer > Withdraw.

Now choose External Wallet, adding your new cro1... address as a withdraw address.

There is no need to set a CRO MEMO if you send to your wallet. It is only needed if you send back to the Exchange or app!

If you use an iPhone, there might be a bug where you can't send CRO natively to an external wallet. Just send them to the exchange first.

7. Delegate your CRO to Stakespace

Wait for your CRO to arrive in the wallet, then go to the Staking tab.

Click on "Delegate Funds" and enter the validator address.


8. Withdraw rewards

9. Undelegate from a validator

10. Soon.