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Why we do it better

Remote signing and HSM

Unlike most validators we use a hardware security module (HSM) to store our signing key. It can not be extracted, even if the server is breached. A HSM is the golden standard for protecting cryptographic keys. To further improve security, the key is stored externally. We do not compromise on security. Period.

Quality, decentralized hosting

We believe in decentralization of a blockchain. If everyone runs their nodes on Google, Microsoft and Amazon then there no decentralized infrastructure at all. This is why we went with a less known hosting company. Of course we keep a backup server on standby should anything happen to the main machine.


We are so confident in our setup that we offer our delegators a full insurance from any slashing event. With other validators you run the risk of ending up with less crypto than you started with. Risk free delegating and peace of mind, this is what we have to offer.

Our Revenue

We take a small commission from the gains you make with us. Almost all revenue is invested back into the project. We exclusively settle with the very best available hardware components and services.
Only build on a solid foundation, that is our belief.

Fees & Taxes
Running costs and hardware
Insurance fund


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